I pen non-fiction articles and conduct seminars and workshops that reveal and examine compelling issues and trends, while appealing to the human interest of a story. Your readers, seminar participants, or audience will go from mild interest to captivated fan when they discover:

  • “How to” articles including one that shows readers ways to incorporate heart-healthy foods in their eating plan.

  • Color Tip ideas such as "How to Use Calming Colors to Reduce Stress and Increase Well-being." Note the brand and product awareness detail at the end.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Information which features research and studies to show why exercise is important to young and old alike.

  • Content that offers tips for self-care like "Easy, Economical Ways to Really Relax."  and "Self-care Activities to Encourage Optimal Health"

  • Information about ways the ordinary consumer can wield influence with food shopping dollars.

  • Food Facts and Recipes that appeal to readers, yet will not tax the waistline or pocketbook. One example is "Surprising Features and Recipes for Organic Red Lentils."

  • Newsletters, flyers, corporate brochures, and content for social media that conveys the heart and mission of your business and attracts new business and retains what you have.

  • Website material that transforms text into a showcase for your company and products. Catch the eye of first time visitors and convert them into devoted customers.

  • Reports and shorts on new products and services, restaurant and book reviews, and noteworthy topics in the news.

For stimulating workshops or fascinating seminars on healthy lifestyle topics see me. When you want to learn more about color characteristics and how colors impact our lives, plant-based recipe and prep ideas, and self-care journal workshops contact me. I write content for blogs, business websites, and professional pamphlets. Why not call me for a free consultation? I'll cater my work to fit your corporate or individual writing or speaking engagement needs, goals, and budget.

My publishing company, Align Publishing LLC is at your service as well. Align Publishing LLC is an Independent Publisher of books, journals, and material for the mind, body, and spirit.

Please call 520-299-3547 or send me an email at Include your name, phone number, email address, and reason you are contacting me. I will call or email to arrange a convenient time for us to speak.

The articles, blog posts, and tips that appear on this Website are for entertainment and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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