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Nancy Andres pens non-fiction articles, and writes content to help people create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Her writing focuses on the human interest of a subject, and your readers, clients, and audience will go from mild interest to captivated fan when they read posts with topics including these:


Hire Nancy Andres to Write Content


Interest, Inform, and Inspire 

Newsletters, flyers, corporate brochures, and material for blogs and social media.

  • Website content that transforms text into a showcase for your company and products.
  • Reports and shorts on new products and services, restaurant and book reviews, and noteworthy wellness topics in the news.

This is the Go-to place for healthy lifestyle topics. 


Nancy is eager to discuss ways her writing can help you and your organization shine. 

Need tips for thriving in turbulent times, or ways journal writing can improve productivity? Nancy creates new content or edits and updates your old blog posts with fresh wellness techniques, food and recipe ideas, color energy ideas, and self-care tips. All information is backed up with research.

She is a COLOR EXPERT, and is available for interviews for magazines, newspapers, blogs, and additional print and online venues. 

Nancy authors blog posts, articles for business websites, and designs or edits professional pamphlets. 

Why not call for a free consultation? Nancy can cater her work to fit your corporate or individual writing needs, goals, and budget. 

The freelance writing fee is $50 per hour and up, depending on the scope of the assignment. If you'd prefer a flat rate for the total project, the fee can be determined that way too.

Please send email to: Include your name, phone number, email address, and reason you are contacting us. We will follow up with a call or email to arrange a convenient time for us to speak.


Partner with Nancy to Reach a Broader Audience

Are you an experienced blogger, writer, author, or health professional who wants to broaden your scope? 

Call or email to discuss the possibility of us working together. 

Nancy writes book reviews, guest blog posts, and is prepared to write features about mindful living topics, healthy lifestyle tips, and radical self-care.

She is on the lookout for wellness experts to interview, and guest bloggers who will write a complementary post for her blog, Colors 4 Health (the place where colors and a healthy lifestyle intersects).

Nancy welcomes hearing from insightful writers who propose a meaningful way to work together.

Please send email to Include your name, phone number, email address, and reason you are contacting her. We will call or email to arrange a convenient time to speak.

Wishing you a colorful day.



The articles, blog posts, and tips that appear on this Website are for entertainment and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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