Colors of Joy is no longer being offered for sale. 

Find out why below.

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I am grateful and appreciative to those who offered Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss for sale in their shop, bookstore, online, or at a workshop. Without you I couldn't have reached and connected with so many women.

A hearty thank you to everyone who purchased copies for themselves or bought them for gift-giving.

Hearty thanks to the Sunset Writers and all writing colleagues I've met in groups, individually, or discovered through reading their books, articles, and blogs. Your support, power of example, and critique still help me in the freelance writing that I continue to do.

A special thanks to those who wrote a book review, reshared a post about this colorful self-care journal, or spread the word about it on social media. A BIG thanks to you all.

You may wonder why Colors of Joy is no longer available, but first the back story.

The process of creating Colors of Joy was a grand adventure, and it has been my main career focus for over twelve years. 

Planning, writing, editing, illustrating, and revising were elements of my process. I learned much about my inner life, and which self-care methods to rely on to improve my self-confidence level, calm anxiety, and increase focus and writing stamina.  

At the onset, and even though I have been a Health and Lifestyle Writer since 1997 and Wellness Blogger since 2009, writing and publishing an interactive journal was exciting and revealing. I worried about forming a publishing company to print a book independently; I thought it may have been a risk I was not capable of tackling.

The thought of marketing my book and the personal appearances that would entail, made me feel nervous. I feared that once people met me, they would see my vulnerabilities and overlook my assets. Happily, that proved to be untrue. Audiences and hosts were most welcoming.  

Yet, despite basically being an introvert, I followed my heart and stuck my neck out with this project. I'm proud and grateful I learned to take baby steps when giant steps seemed too daunting. 

Most of the time, I listened to inner guidance and sought out the right people for help and encouragement. When I made an error or mistake in judgment, I let that be okay. I looked for and noted even the  smallest victory.

Faith in my work allowed me to risk laying out a good amount of money, as well as invest time and effort into publishing Colors of Joy. 

One of the blessings I discovered as I went along, is I had courage, persistence, and willingness to tap into those writing skills that enabled me to convey my unique perspective to others. 

My mission for writing has always been to assist others with content that improves the quality of daily living. To that end, Colors of Joy combined health research, life experience, and insights about self-care, colors, affirmations, and journal writing. 

I'm proud to affirm that many of the women who purchased my book let me know it helped them relax, discover new things about themselves, and supported their efforts to change and grow. 

In March 2020, the COVID-19 Virus health information caught my attention. The reports made me realize I needed to take a step back from public appearances to get a better handle of how to deal with this challenging situation.

Unfortunately, because book sales were down and public workshops and appearances were out of the question, in June 2020 I made the decision to close my publishing company and stop selling Colors of Joy. 

Again, my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. You are gifts in my life!

The reason I'm exhilarated now is life experiences have shown that an ending is often an opportunity to clear space for possibilities, ones that are worthwhile and creative.

With that focus...

I'm  Sending Queries to Magazines, Newspapers, and Online Outlets. I have been rethinking ways to Combine Health and Lifestyle Tips and Ideas to Attract and Hold the Interest of Followers and New Visitors as well.

See my Service Page for Details.

Warm regards and Best Wishes for a Colorful Day, 

Nancy Andres 



















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