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I'm happy you're here. I'm a color expert who pens non-fiction content, blog posts, and material for your website, blog, business, or organization.

I freelance write, and am eager to edit your copy or supply fresh ideas, backed up by the latest research.

Topics may range from whole food plant-based cooking and recipes to exercise, affirmations, and powerful ideas for self-care.

This website provides links to many of the things I write about. Some posts provide tips to improve your outlook.

Others make daily living more enjoyable, and  help you find practical solutions for wellness concerns.


See three examples below.


Eat Beans: Amazing Plant Protein Powerhouse
Want a delicious meal that’s filling, easy to make, healthful, and saves you money? 
Bean dishes are a powerhouse of plant-based
protein, fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and magnesium. See more at this link.


 Positive Color Quotes to Brighten Today

"Positive Color Quotes to Brighten Today" shows which quotations are currently inspiring me, and suggests ways the colors we notice, wear, and draw into each day helps empower us.




Wellness Tip for Today

Gratitude  Enhances Mood. When you give thanks and feel grateful your attitude Improves. Use inspiring quotes to help you focus on gratitude.



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The articles, blog posts, and tips that appear on this Website are for entertainment and educational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.



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